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Permaculture Artisans Design Team

Erik Ohlsen

Owner/Principal/Senior Designer

Erik OhlsenErik Ohlsen is a licensed contractor, Founder and owner of Permaculture Artisans (Ecological farm and landscape company).

Erik is a renowned Certified Permaculture designer, and Certified Permaculture teacher and has been practicing permaculture and ecological design since 1998 when he co-founded his first non-profit called Planting Earth Activation, PEA. This charitable organization designed and installed community gardens in northern California for public and private use from 1998-2001.

In the field of ecological land development and management Erik has extensive experience with projects that range from small urban lots to 100+ broad acre design and implementation. His many years of experience, observation and listening of landscape patterns, managing installation crews and design teams, and his understanding of ecology make Erik a leader in the field of ecological landscape development.

Erik’s design and field experience comprise of a huge variety of skills including, farm design and implementation, water harvesting/storm water management, erosion control, extensive earthwork operations, heavy machine operating, irrigation systems, ponds, food forests/orcharding systems, native plant systems, wildlife habitat enhancement, integrated pest management, microclimate moderation, roof water catchment systems, sustainable forestry, soil building, vermaculture, hardscape design and implementation, client relations specialist, project management, and much, much more.

Erik has an innate ability to integrate a variety of disciplines into a holistic framework through facilitation of diverse groups of individuals and professionals. This skill is why many organizations and professionals in related fields to permaculture want to work closely with Permaculture Artisans to achieve excellence in their projects while benefiting entire ecological systems and communities.

Erik has been teaching Permaculture design and implementation since 2001 and is known in Northern California as a premier teacher of Permaculture. His engaging, energetic, do it yourself teaching style has captivated hundreds of permaculture students from all over the world.

Erik has taught courses in Permaculture and related subjects throughout the US, Canada, and the UK. He currently teaches with the Earth Activist Training, the Regenerative Design Institute and with The Occidental Arts and Ecology Center.


Emily Mallard

Lead Landscape Designer

Benjamin FahrerEmily Mallard comes to Permaculture Artisans with almost ten years of experience in landscape design.  Obtaining her Masters of Landscape Architecture degree from Cornell University (2003) and a BFA in art history from Wittenberg University (1998), she brings a thoughtful and artful eye to her work, channeling the beauty of the outside world through the lens of a two dimensional world. 

Completing her coursework in permaculture design in 2012 and working with permaculture designers, her experience has broadened greatly, incorporating sustainability in all aspects of her design work.  Her talent lies in her ability to creatively solve challenging issues while understanding the building process and practicalities of creating a successful landscape. 

Emily has been working closely with Permaculture Artisans since 2011, meeting with clients, creating plans for food forests, outdoor dining areas, planting plans, irrigation plans, master landscape plans and more.   Just as seeds fly to your front door offering needed medicine, permaculture found her and has transformed the way she thinks about landscape. 


Grover Stock

Senior Design Consultant

Grover StockGrover is a long time organic food forest farmer, educator, and consultant. He was recently transplanted in Calistoga, CA to create a Biodynamic/Permaculture education site.

As a Soil Food Web Advisor, he consults with farmers and gardeners to create and maintain the dynamic living cycles of fertile soils.

He is also chairperson of the International Association of Analog Forestry, where he creates curriculum and facilitates AF practices, bridging multiple disciplines in ecology to create sustainable rural economies in communities around the globe.

Grover is a Permaculture instructor and member of the Executive Committee of the Biodynamic Association of Northern California. He serves on the faculty of the Permaculture Skills Center and is a Senior Design Consultant for Permaculture Artisans.


Ryan Bey

Project Manager

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