Whether designing a landscape or planning an installation, our approach is rooted in permaculture. Originally an abbreviation of “permanent” and “agriculture”, permaculture guides us through all our decision making to create abundant systems that will sustain life for generations to come. Since its inception in the 1970s, permaclture has been used to grow abundant food with relatively few and innocuous inputs, restore degraded land, and help communities make collective decisions that serve everyone’s interests. Permaculture systems are usually more complex than the over-simplified, anaesthetized, structures that we encounter regularly in modern society. We embrace this complexity, which allows us to develop a deep understanding of the world we live in and how can support all life on this planet. While we are inspired by the great work and achievements of permaculturalists around the world, we follow no dogma. Rather, we borrow from many disciplines to build land-management solutions that respect people, planet and a fair profit. Through the years, we’ve developed our own brand of permaculture, adapted to local needs and resources. For simplicity, we’ll just call it permaculture here. Learn more about our regenerative practices in these pages, linked in the circles below.



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