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We are proud to be making a difference in our community. Getting the word out about permaculture and regenerative design is a core piece of our mission. We welcome positive media about our work and mission!

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Pruning/Stewarding a 100 year Old Gravenstien Apple Tree

How to prune and manage a 100-year-old apple tree without shocking it to death. Learn how to deal wi…

Farm School at the Permaculture Skills Center

Farm School supports you to cultivate the skills and relationships you need to begin and sustain a s…

If you thought small scale rainwater catchment in your suburban plot was difficult, it's not! Check out this installation in progress...
Downspout connectors under existing walkway to water infiltrating earthwork. Thousands of gallons of rainwater from the roof is slowed significantly in this system.
Let us know if you have any questions!
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Have you thought about a pondless water feature for your garden? They bring so many benefits!! Our crew created this beautiful pondless waterfall as a continuation of a retaining wall. Clients rave of all the beneficial critters they've seen making use of this feature. Feel free to ask us questions you may have! ... See MoreSee Less

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Changing. The Permaculture Skills Center ... See MoreSee Less

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We love installing projects in phases because we get to see how the lives we plant thrive in their environments. We planted purple muhly grass and one turned out to be yellow! Such a lovely surprise. And it is GORGEOUS! ... See MoreSee Less

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From everyone at Permaculture Artisans, our hearts are with yours. Let’s heal together with the love and compassion that we know as the backbone of this community. ... See MoreSee Less

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