Permaculture Artisans’ hardscaping consists of a wide range of high-quality custom designs built in to gracefully integrate all areas of a site. Often, a rock wall, patio or pathway is what connects the human experience with the farm or garden. With this in mind, we build functional and beautiful hardscapes that help you feel comfortable and at ease. The more we feel at home in our landscapes the more we can relax and enjoy our investment. Moreover, well-designed hardscapes can reduce maintenance costs, moderate microclimates, help retain soil and increase wildlife habitat.




Stone steps, patios, rock walls and pathways are all possible options to meet the masonry needs of a client and their site. For each option, a variety of materials are available: flagstone, rock, pavers, brick, and decomposed granite are materials we often use to build most of our hardscapes. For each project, we consider the full range of options with the client to find a material with the right aesthetic and price point.

We love building dry-stacked rock walls as they can be a great addition to a landscape: they define space, retain soil, add radiant heat, as well as offer great habitat for beneficial lizards!

All of our masonry projects are of the highest quality, built to last, and designed to blend in with and accentuate surrounding landscapes. Our masonry team is among the best in the region!


Natural Building

Permaculture Artisans’ natural building hardscapes are made from a material called cob, which is a mixture of clay, sand and straw. Cob has many uses including chicken coops, benches, wood-fired ovens, outdoor kitchens, and more. The benefits of using cob in a landscape are natural beauty, locally sourced materials, radiant heating, microclimate moderation, strength and durability.  Cob can be shaped into almost anything making it one of the best materials for functional art in a landscape.



Wooden Structures

Our Artisan crew also builds custom arbors, gates, fences, chicken coops, sheds and other landscape-oriented structures. These structures can be made portable and adapted to rotational grazing. Our on-staff carpentry team has mastered the art of woodworking. We can incorporate these structures so as to bring grace and beauty to the landscape while also providing utilitarian function.

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