Keyline Plow Services

Keyline plowing is a beautiful illustration of the permaculture principle “make the least change for the greatest effect”. This non-inversion plow creates deep furrows in the ground with minimal disturbance because the soil is not turned over. Rather, surgical incisions are made that create pathways for water to flow across a slope. The beauty of this approach is in the ability to seemingly move water uphill – from high valleys to low ridges. There is no magic involved, just gravity and smart use of tools with impressive benefits: The furrows created by the Keyline plow infiltrate water, increase oxygen in the soil, and greatly boost plant root depth and development. Learn more here.

Even better, when used in conjunction with crop and pasture seeding as well as beneficial grazing systems, Keyline plowing has the potential to trap carbon in the soil while increasing pasture production, diversity, and water absorption potential.



Keyline Plow Services

  • Vineyard cultivation
  • Pasture management – increases forage production, quality, and duration
  • Soil amendment application tailored to landscape’s needs
  • Disturbance for optimal soil and pasture health as part of holistic management and beneficial grazing patters
  • Pond and water capture installation as part of whole farm water management plan

Keyline can also be integrated into the design process. Found out about our Keyline Design Services here.

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