Project Management


Project Manager Erik Ohlsen diggingOrganized project management is key to achieving a happy end result for clients, workers, and Permaculture Artisans. Our project managers ensure that the project is planned and organized to allow the installation team to efficiently build your dreams and keep you informed of changes or issues that may arise in the process.

Effective communication and tracking are vital components during the installation process. Our goal is to provide you with excellent planning and execution for your project. Our team thrives on collaboration. We enjoy working with other contractors and professionals who may be on a project and work to ensure a team like atmosphere is maintained throughout. In addition, we have a large network of professionals of our own that can be called in for any number of specialized services. Effective project management is like a well-choreographed performance where the moves are seamless and the effect is beautiful. Let us choreograph your dreams and together we can see them blossom into reality.

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