Sustainable Forestry/Tree Work

Permaculture Artisans is committed to sustainable tree work. The forests of the Pacific Northwest rely on humans, animals, and fire disturbances for their health. Disruptions to these relationships have resulted in declining forests, soil erosion, increased presence of non-native invasive species and a loss of biodiversity. We can help you counter these trends by employing techniques that mimic the beneficial disturbances we observe in pristine forest ecosystems. Permaculture Artisans’ ultimate goal of stewarding truly healthy forests is carried out through rehabilitation, native plant succession, and a comprehensive management plan. We focus on rehabilitating the immune functions of forest ecosystems through soil re-mineralization, increased ventilation, proper plantings, and biological inoculations such as compost teas and Mycorrhizal fungi (more on that here and here). Our forest management plans also include strategies for managing biomass, the forest understory, shaded fuel breaks, multi-generational stands and the canopy. You can learn more about this in the articles written by our Principal, Erik Ohlsen, here and here.

The benefits of regenerative forestry

Regenerative forestry work can result in many great forest products that will benefit your land in a variety of ways. The term regenerative refers to management practices that help the forest return to optimum health, which can be observed in ecological benefits that will emerge, such as:

  • Increase in plant and wildlife biodiversity
  • Decrease in fire risk due to reduced fuel load
  • Increase in nutrients available to flora through rapid soil building
  • Proliferation of beneficial fungi growth
  • Increase in water absorption and infiltration and decrease in runoff
  • Better access for recreational activities (hiking, trails, picnic areas, etc.)
  • Mitigation of erosion

Permaculture Artisans has a reputable forestry team including a master arborist and an experienced ground crew. We can facilitate planning, design, and implementation of projects of any size.


Portable Milling

Removing specific trees from a forested area or any property can greatly increase the overall health of the landscape. In the case of diseased or damaged trees, the benefits may be obvious. At other times, it may be more subtle. For instance, certain species have the tendency to overpower others and can come to dominate a landscape. Permaculture Artisans can turn these “problem trees” into solutions with our portable milling services. A master arborist works with you to select the trees most suitable for milling (generally at least 16” in diameter). We then bring the milling equipment to your property to transform the trees into usable timber. The timber produced will vary, but previous clients have harvested building lumber and furniture-grade lumber from a single round of milling. Some of the best species for milling are redwood, cedar, black walnut, oak, cypress and larger honey locust, but many others will also provide quality wood.

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