Permaculture Maintenance

Why maintenance from Permaculture Artisans?

We have special skills and training based on our years of experience of designing and installing the best of high performance, ecologically sound landscapes.  We also have special equipment for soil transformation, fertility management, and productive harvesting.  We know how to manage water for safe, efficient use, build your topsoil, and select and manage vegetation that is particularly suited for your land.

What is the Permaculture Artisans Maintenance and Stewardship Service offering?

  • Comprehensive landscape maintenance for aesthetics, functionality, and productivity
  • Mulching, weeding, pruning, and seasonal cutbacks
  • Habitat health and pond management
  • Ongoing risk assessment (water, trees, soil)
  • Biomass management  
  • Fertility management (including complimentary Compost Tea application)
  • Plant disease and pest diagnosis
  • Irrigation system management, calibration, and repair  
  • High grass whacking and field mowing

What does it cost?

We have simple pricing for our maintenance offerings:

Half-Day, per visit:

  • $250 Weekly
  • $275 Monthly
  • $300 Quarterly / Seasonally

Full-Day, per visit:

  • $475 Weekly
  • $500 Monthly
  • $525 Quarterly / Seasonally


How do I get started?

Contact us via our web form or call us at 707-824-0836

If we installed your landscape we can start right away with a maintenance plan and schedule our first visit.

If we have never been to your land, we can schedule our first visit right away and develop a maintenance plan for future visits while we are there.  

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